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The Speech House Hotel in Gloucestershire has hired a Head of Dog Experience, Luca. He is a Lucas Terrier, and has had a distinguished career in consulting for hotels on what it really is that dogs, and their owners want from a UK hotel break. Read on for the inside scoop on our dog friendly hotel!

The Speech House Hotel: So, Luca, how are you enjoying your new role being involved in the board and sorting out the “dog friendly hotel side of the business”?

Luca: I had to “paws” for thought before accepting the role, but then I discovered they had biscuits at their meetings. It is good to have an input and let the team know what a mans best friend likes and enjoys when having a holiday.

The Speech House Hotel: What sort of things have you discussed with your fellow Board Members?

Luca: Well, I proposed that we four- legged people deserved to be pampered, when visiting dog friendly hotels. We have also discussed letting my fellow dogs know in advance what we can expect when going away to the Forest of Dean. Otherwise we would be “Barking Mad” to just go along for the ride not knowing what our dog friendly hotel offers us.

I thought you might like to see some snaps of what my job entails.

The Speech House Hotel: We really value your input, perhaps you could tell everyone what you have achieved so far?

Luca: I have suggested that the team let our parents know there are 253 miles of walking trails in the Forest of Dean, right on the doorstep. There are lots of wonderful trees and bushes for us to explore. (Well, we all have needs!).

I have implemented a strategy whereby for our comfort, they put dog bowls and nice towels in the rooms to dry us off after our explorations. There is also a very cold hose pipe in the Courtyard for a wash, when we get overexcited in the mud.

I have made sure that there are dedicated dog friendly rooms in the hotel, because we understand that there are some people who would prefer a room which we hadn’t stayed in. I have personally inspected these dog friendly rooms and there is a great selection and variety for us, depending on our needs.

If we, and our owners are a little tired after our walks there is a huge field (with trees) just outside the car park where we can go and do what us pets must do, without wearing our parents out.

Here are some highlights of The Speech House Hotel and the Forest of Dean.

The Speech House Hotel: And lastly, have you been training the team at The Speech House to be good to pets when they stay with us?

Luca: Oh yes, I had a one-to-one meeting with Mrs H, the very nice “Boss” who agreed that my friends need treating every now and again. She has now put a large jar of dog treats on the bar so that our parents can spoil us whilst they have a drink. And I negotiated that we’re allowed to sit in The Orangery whilst dining. (She hasn’t yet relented to the main restaurant, but I understand why). I also had a bark with the reception and front of house team to ensure they give all my friends a stroke and a pat.

The Speech House Hotel: Thanks for your time today Luca, love the new hair cut by the way.

Discover some of our favourite walking trails in the Forest of Dean on the Visit Dean Wye site

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