Green Policy

The Speech House Hotel – Green Policy Statement

The Speech House Hotel is a privately owned hotel. The Hands family, Peter, Gill and their daughter Naomi, believe that they have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which they operate.  They are fully committed to improving the environmental performance across all areas of their business and encourage their customers to assist them in their efforts.

Naomi, Gill & Peter Hands always endeavour to:

  • Promote the use of local producers, suppliers and manufacturers where possible;
  • Promote environmental awareness amongst their employees and encourage them to work in a responsible manner through a firm commitment to train, educate and inform their employees about environmental issues that may affect their work;
  • Purchase and use environmentally sensitive products accordingly, with particular emphasis on using environmentally responsible suppliers;
  • Reduce waste by recycling cardboard, food waste, glass and plastic;
  • Reduce waste through by using recyclable or refurbished products and materials;
  • Avoid the use of unnecessary hazardous materials and products, seeking substitutions where feasible;
  • Take all reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when such materials must be used;
  • Communicate our environmental aspirations and commitments to our guests;
  • Display our policy in all bedrooms and public areas to create awareness of our commitment to greening our business;
  • Encourage customers to observe and participate with our envirommental aspirations;
  • The company will strive to keep improving and monitoring its environmental performance through interaction with suppliers, customers and employees;
  • The company will continue to implement innovative measures where ever possible such as those already in place and in practice, such as the use of Biomass wood pellet heating system, low wattage lighting, thermostatic heating controls, induction ovens and kitchen equipment in both hotel kitchens, and insulation throughout the hotel.

Peter, Gill & Naomi Hands, Directors

The Speech House Hotel is a member of the Forest of Dean Climate Charter, has a Bronze EcoSmart award, and is always striving to improve on these, and be a part of recognised schemes.

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