Spooky Season – Tales of the Forest with Luca

Spooky Season is up on us, and Luca, our Dog Director shares some of the tidbits and stories he has picked up along the way.

The Moose Pig


The other week I decided I should take my boss “Big Pete” over to the amazing Speech House Vintage Show. I heard that one of the events being held was a dog show, so I pawsed for thought and thought I would discretely check out the local competition.

Big Pete fancied a cuppa so we went back over to the hotel garden, and whilst waiting to be served I noticed a local dalmatian, Rosie, who pops up regularly for her doggy ice cream was in. We got barking to each other and she told me about a story she had heard whilst in at the pub in Parkend, a few miles from the Speech House.

Apparently, in 1802, a big mysterious beast known locally a “Moose Pig” was creating havoc and being hunted by the locals. In the eerie light of the full moon, all the locals found were flattened bushes, earth turned over and broken fences. However, there was no sign of the Moose Pig, just sheer devastation…

Maybe because Halloween is approaching but my tail started twitching, the hairs on my paws stood on end, but I was curious as it is spooky season, so I asked her to tell me more.

Rosie rolled over and said the Moose Pig was described by locals as being bigger than the local wild boar! And though on this occasion they found nothing, the roars and snorts could be heard echoing through the night.

This set me thinking. I would not like to meet the Moose Pig in the woods even with Big Pete at my side, especially if the moon was shining bright or come to think of it in the daylight either!

I told Rosie that she should get her Humans to bring her back to the Speech House again soon, as they are very dog friendly, give free dog treats and water bowls, all with lots of strokes and fuss.
As we wagged tails said goodbye, I heard Big Pete murmur “I hope there are no descendants of the Moose Pig still roaming in the undergrowth of the forest these days?

Or are there….!

Another story I woof to share, is the one about the castle..

I love my walkies in the Forest, especially around The Speech House. But, I have to say, if the humans want to take me to St Briavels, I’ll dig my heels in. Here’s why.

Built in the early 12th century, St Briavels Castle’s dark and damp walls and creaking floorboards hold many a tale, the cries of a baby have been reported by many humans. But what I find the most scary of them all, even more so than the thought of no more doggie treats, is that many years ago, they did find the remains of a child at the castle! That has made my tail go down so I’m off to play with my squeaky toy for a bit…

… I’m back. I also remembered one other thing I heard which was that a fully harnessed knight has been spotted walking the grounds around the castle…Many of those that have spotted the knight claim that the moonlight glinting from the armour is what caught their eye.

There is also a room called the Oubliette Room (I find that very hard to pronounce) in the castle. Apparently, underneath a rug there was a small trapdoor found, which opened to a deep dungeon where prisoners were simply forgotten after a heavy landing, no doubt breaking a bone or two…

It kind of reminds me of the holding cell we have at the hotel, but ours is much more fun these days and full of sparkly fizz that the humans like to drink and makes them go all silly when they do.


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