Booking Details

All bookings are accepted in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

No variance to these conditions is accepted or implied by any person or employee.

To confirm your booking a non-refundable deposit of £500 is required. All cheques for deposits and final balances should be made payable to “The Speech House Hotel”.

Six months before your wedding the balance of the venue fee will become due for payment and is also non-refundable.

Final payment for the food and drink ordered and agreed at your planning meeting will be due for payment three weeks before the wedding. The final number of guests attending must be given to the hotel two weeks prior to the event. This figure or the number of guests on the day, whichever the greater, will be the basis on which the account will be reconciled.

Any additional costs incurred by the hotel will be charged for in full in the final balance statement after your day.

To comply with fire regulations we are unable to accept unprotected naked flames within the Speech House. Candles are acceptable if they are enclosed within a non-flammable container.

This web page is for guidance only, products and prices may vary by the time of your event.

Prices shown are for weddings in 2021 and include VAT at 20%

Cancellation Terms

Where there is a cancellation no refund will be made on payments already received. If the final invoice is not already settled a cancellation charge as per the following timescale will apply.

8 weeks prior = 25% of total estimated bill

6 weeks prior = 50% of total estimated bill

4 weeks prior = 75% of total estimated bill

2 weeks prior = 100% of total estimated bill

You are recommended to take some form of insurance to cover this eventuality.

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