Dog Friendly Hotel – Luca’s Blog pt 2

The Speech House Hotel in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire shares a blog post written by their Head of Dog Experience, Luca.

He is a Lucas Terrier, and has had a distinguished career consulting for hotels on what it really is that dogs, and their owners want from a UK hotel break. Read on for the inside scoop about our dog friendly hotel.

Well here we are again, it’s been a while since my last blog!  I am starting to build a little more relaxation and fun into my role as The Speech House Hotel “Dog Director”.

I have persuaded Mike, (Naomi’s Partner) to help save my paws from wearing out, and to get him to drive me around some parts of the Forest that I have not seen. I get a great view from the passenger seat of their van ‘Bob’, but I do have to remind him to drive slowly and not keep eating chocolate whilst driving.

Lately, more of my canine mates have been coming down to the forest so my social media efforts & blogs seem to have been getting the message out there. It could be because I told them that they got free treats and a scratch behind the ear when they took their owners for a pint in the bar, either that or they heard we have started to sell Utterly Mutterly doggy Ice cream.

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Doggy Ice Cream | Luca eating icecream | Utterly Mutterly

My co-directors have been holding some of our meetings outside in the garden of the hotel, and in the Dens which are available for private hire. This is great, I can lay on the grass and explore all the new smells of other animals that come and check out the garden in an evening. I’ve definitely see a robin and a few rabbits out there!

Having had my hair cut recently, lots of customers have been making a fuss of me and also, I have been getting some admiring looks from fellow guests, especially when I have my Director’s tie on!

My Co-Director, Naomi, a bright young lady, decided to hold a bit of a do to celebrate the Jubilee. This meant around 3,000 came up to the hotel and grounds for a family fun day out. Quite a few bought their dogs, so I got to show off and make lots of new friends. I am really looking forward to the “Forest Showcase” on the first Sunday in October, lots of tit bits and another chance to meet new canine friends.

So fellow woofers, stay cool, drink lots of water and have a word with your humans about booking a few days away. Why nots show them our Explorer break so you can get a few walks under the belt, and some good sniffs!

Hope to see you soon,

Luca x

p.s. you can check out my instagram here:  

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