Fine Dining Menu

AUTUMN Fine Dining Menu

This is a sample menu. Our menu is updated daily to include the freshest and most seasonal local produce.


Seasonal Soup of the Day  £5.50
Freshly Baked Bread

Chicken Liver Parfait  £6.50
Brioche ∙ Port Gel

Ham Hock & Date Terrine £6.80
Carrot Remoulade ∙ Pickled Walnut Puree ∙ Sourdough Toast

Seared Cod Cheeks (Gf) £7.80
Anchovy ∙ Pear ∙ Chestnut Butter

Smoked Haddock Mousse (Gf)  £7.20
Dill Mayonnaise ∙ Cucumber ∙ Pickles

Deep Fried Mozzarella (V) £6.90
Fermented Tomato ∙ Balsamic Onions ∙ Rocket Shoots

Mulled Wine Poached Melon (Ve,Gf)  £6.50
Plum Puree ∙ Pumpkin Seed Brittle



8oz Welsh Ribeye Steak | 8oz Welsh Rump Steak (gf) £26 | £22
Rustic Chips∙ Confit Garlic Mushrooms ∙ Sun Blushed Tomato

Lamb Rump £25.00
Crispy Shoulder ∙ Fried Potato ∙ Beetroot

Pan Roast Guineafowl Breast (Gf) £18.00
Rosemary & Garlic Crushed Potato ∙ Wild Mushroom ∙ Spinach

Stone Bass £20.00
Spiced Fish Sausage ∙ Gnocchi ∙ Radish ∙ Burnt Aubergine

Salmon Supreme (Gf) £17.00
Leek ∙ Potato ∙ Smoked Bacon ∙ Parsley Sauce

Sprout and Parsnip Bake (V,Gf) £13.50
Perl Las Polenta ∙ Roast Cauliflower ∙ Hazelnut

Pulled Jackfruit Croquette (Ve) £14.00
Curried Butternut Squash ∙ Braised Red Onion ∙ Chard

Sides dishes
Seasonal Vegetables £3
House Salad £2.50
Rustic Chips £3
Garlic Bread £3

Stilton £3
Peppercorn £3



Dark Chocolate Delice (v) £7.20
Cherry ∙ Baileys Cream

Blackberry Bavarois (v) £7.00
Syrup Sponge ∙ Baked Apple Puree ∙ Oat Clusters

Salted Caramel Tart £7.20
Pecan Crumble ∙ Clotted Cream Ice Cream

Orange Mousse £6.70
Fig and Orange Blondie ∙ Anise Meringues

Cinnamon Bun (Ve) £6.50
Pumpkin Jam ∙ Almond Custard

Selection of British Cheese £9.50
Crackers ∙ Chutney ∙ Grapes

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All our meat is sourced locally and our fish is line caught, fished and farmed responsibly. All of our game is from the wild and may contain shot. Wherever possible, fruit and vegetables are brought from local growers and producers. All our dishes are made in house and cooked to order. Please allow a little extra time during busy periods.

Please speak to a member of staff regarding any allergies or dietary requirements. All food is freshly prepared in our kitchen where there may be traces of allergens present.

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