Fine Dining Menu

Verderers’ Fine Dining Menu

This is an example of our Summer 2023 menu. Our menu may be updated to include the freshest and most seasonal local produce.


Seasonal Soup of the Day £6.50
Freshly Baked Bread
Venison Terrine £8.00
Tewdric’s Tipple Soda Bread ∙ Smooth Piccalilli   
Marmite Glazed Pork Belly (Gf) £8.95
Miso Daikon Slaw ∙ Toasted Sesame  
Crayfish Mayo £8.95
Cucumber ∙ Sour Dough Crisp ∙ Passionfruit Dressing  
Smoked Mackerel Beignets £8.50
Tomato Salad ∙ Gem Lettuce ∙ Tarragon Mayonnaise     
Whipped Brie (V) £8.00
Pear ∙ Rosemary & Pecan Granola ∙ Honey Tuille       
Garlic Confit Field Mushroom (Ve) £6.50
Vegan Blue Cheese & Onion Sauce ∙ Pickled Shallot        



8oz Rump Steak (Gf) £23.00
Rustic Chips ∙ Crunchy Dressed Gem Lettuce

Welsh Lamb Rump (Gf) £25.00
Hasselbacks ∙ Smoked Carrot & Sumac ∙ Chimichurri

Herb Crusted Chicken Thigh ` £22.00
Dauphinoise ∙ Wild Mushrooms ∙ Parmesan Cream

Pan Roast Sea Bream (Gf) £22.00
Celeriac ∙ Apple ∙ Cashew

Soy Glazed Salmon £20.00
Bok Choi ∙ Green Pepper ∙ Black Bean ∙ Mung Sprouts

Roast Courgette & Goats Cheese Pie (V) £16.00
Confit Onion Mash ∙ Tomato Ragu

Carrot, Spring Onion & Edamame Spring Roll (Ve) £15.00
Red Pepper Sweet & Sour ∙ Tender Stem Broccoli

Sides dishes

Seasonal Vegetables £4
House Salad £3.75
Rustic Chips £3.50
Garlic Bread £3

Blue Cheese £4.50
Peppercorn £3.50




Strawberries & Clotted Cream (V,Gf) £8.00
Vanilla Sponge Croutons ∙ Mint 
Gold Chocolate Tiramisu £8.00
Coffee Mousse ∙ Beetroot & Almond Cake     
Salted Caramel & Chocolate Eclair (V) £8.00
Candied Hazelnut ∙ Aero Cream   
Mascarpone Panna Cotta (Gf)  £7.50
Honey Roast Peach ∙ Raspberry ∙ Pistachio    
Mandarin & Watermelon Salad (Ve) £7.00
Black Pepper “Meringue” ∙ Orange Drizzle Cake     
Selection of British Cheese (V)  £14.00
Stilton ∙ Perl Wen ∙ Double Gloucester 
Crackers ∙ Chutney ∙ Grapes

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All our meat is sourced locally and our fish is line caught, fished and farmed responsibly. All of our game is from the wild and may contain shot. Wherever possible, fruit and vegetables are brought from local growers and producers. All our dishes are made in house and cooked to order. Please allow a little extra time during busy periods.

Please speak to a member of staff regarding any allergies or dietary requirements. All food is freshly prepared in our kitchen where there may be traces of allergens present.

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