ANT & DEC's SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY - From the view of Luca

ANT & DEC’s SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY filmed AT THE SPEECH HOUSE HOTEL – Luca, our dog director tells all

 In the Summer of 2022, we hosted ITV whilst Ant & Dec filmed an elabroate prank on Alison Hammond, making her believe she was staying at a haunted hotel.

 Hi everyone, Luca here, yep your favourite Dog Director.

I’m just on the lookout for two young men, one tall and one short. The tall one is a fellow called Ant and the smaller fella is Dec. Why am I looking for them you ask? Well they are reported to be entertainers who like to play tricks on people to make everyone else laugh, they must be “barking”.

Hang on, there are lots of people arriving with cameras, cabling and clip boards, wow this is unusual, I wonder if they are coming to film me, I am quite famous you know? I see some chap in charge, and I introduce myself by rolling over and staring at him, but he wants to talk to my boss, Naomi and ignores me completely. I hear him say they are here to scare a lady called Alison Hammond who seems to be frightened of ghosts and spirits, “What a hoot” but it is all top secret!

Before I can even say “Walkies”, the film crew are setting up hidden cameras, putting funeral urns and weird dolls everywhere. They made my reception area look really old and dated.

When the bedroom is suitably adorned with Voodoo doll’s, a false wall with a door in it, and a strange mirror, two men arrive. I thought at first they were a couple of used car salesmen, but then I thought maybe I had seen them on a poster as I walked past, maybe it was a wanted poster? I overheard someone say it was Ant & Dec. 

The team shouted action, Naomi was on guard in the back car park corridor and then [PANIC!!] Alison Hammond had turned up at the back door when all cameras were in place at the front.

Naomi, slightly bemused stands there ensuring the hotel guests were safe from the mayhem. On seeing the urns, the dolls and the receptionist, Alison decides she is not staying and goes outside, back to the taxi. Having been persuaded to return and go into the restaurant, she is spooked by a flying urn that smashes, spilling out sand which she thinks is someone’s ashes!

Just when I think things are over, and I can get a biscuit, there is an almighty scream, and then shouting and laughter as Ant & Dec appear as ghosts in a fake mirror in her room.

I finally get out from behind the red curtain, as I’m desperate to have a run around the field – trying to get all my sniffs in.

The tall and the short lads, put the whole episode on their TV show which Naomi and her bosses went to see when it went on air live, from London. I got to spend a couple of days with my old mate Chaz at the hotel being spoilt. Chaz is great to stay with, he gives me lots of treats, and then whilst he works I get to sit with Reception and get belly rubs from everyone!

 Watch the VT to see the prank in action. We can assure you that the hotel is *not* haunted, and the pranks were all staged for dramatic effect!

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