A Speech House Christmas with Luca

Luca, Head of the Pet Division, writes a letter about Christmas at The Speech House for his fellow dog friends.


Hi fellow dog friends, and humanoids.

Well, it’s heading towards my favourite time of year, yes you guessed it, Christmas.

Christmas trees, baubles, pretty lights and the odd mince pie crumb that falls from the plate – along with lots of chances to catch up with my fellow dogs and new friends.

So, where do I start? Well fellow hounds, get your owners to don their muddy boots and jackets, because winter walkies in the Forest are just the best! There’s mud everywhere, little puddles to splash around in and best of all, when you get to the hotel there’s a doggy towel ready to have a rub down with. I don’t mind the clean up because that usually means belly rubs and a treat for being a good boy. The fire hose can be a bit chilly sometimes!

We’ve got a right old palooza going on this year, our Christmas package is looking to be a mini break for us doggos. Arrive early if you’re coming on Christmas eve – make sure there’s lots of leg stretching, walks around our enormous field and a chance to sniff out the trees and gate posts.

When the hoomans go off for their session with the Lydbrook band, we can join in from afar, and howl along from our warm dog friendly rooms to Silent Night before grabbing 40 winks in case you want to stay awake to see “Doggy Christmas!”.

Christmas day will be a great chance for us pets to meet up, when we go for a short stroll through the forest to work up an appetite for a splendid Christmas lunch followed by, (If you have room) Christmas cake and treats.

Boxing day will be great fun, a longer walk with some history thrown in and we can compare what Christmas presents we have been given. This walk is my favourite because the humans let me come along and lead the way! I just hope I don’t get another bright yellow jacket or woolly jumper. They think I am fussy, but I get “dog tired” of the same old presents.

If you “lead” your owner into the bar, sit and bark, you’ll draw their attention to a huge jar of free doggy Christmas treats on the bar.

If you’re not coming to stay, come for a festive lunch or an afternoon tea in one of our amazing Dens which are set around our huge outdoor Christmas tree. There are Festive Afternoon Teas, lunches and dinners for anyone who wants to join us, all done on a walk -in service in the Orangery. So after a brisk walk around Speech House Lake, we can get warmed up with some Christmas Spirit.

Well, now I am planning to go on a diet in readiness to meet a whole group of friends coming for the Christmas and New Year package. More walks, more fun and hopefully treats…!

Merry Christmas everyone! x

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