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The following details the precautions now in place at The Speech House Hotel

Hygiene and Cleaning

  • Additional cleaning and sanitising is being carried out at regular intervals in all public areas, touch points, kitchens, bedrooms and meetings area
  • We have removed all printed materials from our bedrooms and public areas. The only printed paper will be that which may be left in bedrooms, personally addressed to our incoming guest
  • Hygiene guidelines will be reviewed regularly in order that we continue to adhere to the most up to date government guidelines
  • All cleaning materials and disinfectants used are approved and supplied by recognised suppliers, including Ecolab and DJB
  • Sanitisers are strategically placed at all entry point to the Hotel and may also be supplied by our staff on request, at any time

Social Distancing

  • Where practical we have introduced protective perspex screens, particularly on our front desk and in the bars
  • We have arranged minimum contact at check-in. Guests may choose to check-in online and check-out electronically by communicating with us over the phone
  • We have many visual signs and floor markings which we detail recommended distancing in the hotel
  • We have a one-way system in operation throughout the hotel which we expect all customers and employees to observe
  • Where corridors are narrow in our historic building, we ask that our customers observe “look and see” and allow the oncoming guest to pass through first
  • Where possible we request that residential guests use the bathroom facilities in their bedroom rather than our public facilities. This will limit the demand on a smaller space
  • Guests may request a face mask whilst moving around the hotel ground floor areas
  • Our Restaurant tables are placed 1 metre apart. Should a guest prefer 2-metre distancing we can offer tables in an alternative room 2 metres apart. However, this is subject to availability

Payment of Guest Bills

  • Wherever possible we will take payment electronically, preferably by contactless card
  • We will charge for your accommodation 24 hours prior to your arrival and other charges may be posted to your account and paid for at check-out with your credit card
  • Full invoices may be made available electronically or printed onto paper as the “old normal”
  • Guests may communicate with our receptionist from their room using the in-house bedroom phone

Food and Liquor Service

  • We will be serving food in our Orangery and Verderers Court, as well as the garden, weather permitting
  • All service equipment i.e. cutlery and crockery will have been washed at high temperature through our dishwashing machines
  • All glassware is washed separately by machine
  • Each dining table will be disinfected between use
  • We will no longer be offering hot buffets at breakfast. Our Continental section will be offered from a display in the restaurant. All food will be prepared to order and served from the kitchen. Please be aware that this will mean that service is likely to be slower for breakfast than previously
  • Please be aware that our kitchen holds the highest food safety rating of 5 stars. This rating is awarded by the Environmental Health Authority
  • All our staff have received training on the guidance and our increased hygiene standards
  • Our heads of departments, supervisors and management are monitoring the implementation of these standards throughout service.
  • Menus will be laminated and disinfected between usage
  • All drinks are to be ordered and served at the table. The bar counter is not open
  • Continental breakfast and food may be ordered to be consumed in your room. The order will be delivered to your bedroom door for collection

Housekeeping and Your Bedroom

  • Check-in is from 2 pm. This is to allow us to ventilate the room, with fresh air, following its thorough clean and disinfectant
  • All cleaning and disinfecting products used in the preparation of your room are “approved “
  • All bed and bathroom laundry supplied and used in your room has been professionally washed and laundered by Snow White Laundries.
  • Your room will have been meticulously cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival, by our highly trained housekeepers
  • We will not be servicing your room whilst you are in residence but will offer to swop towels and leave you fresh supplies on a daily basis. These will be left wrapped outside your bedroom door
  • Non-essential soft dressings to your room have been removed. This includes cushions and bed throws
  • Magazines and brochures have also been removed

Customer Health and Contact Tracing

  • As per Government guidelines non-residential guests are required to give the hotel, contact details in order that the health authorities may trace suspected COVID-19 infection. These details will be held for 21 days and then destroyed
  • We request that guests inform the hotel of the following:
    1. If you have been in contact over the 7 days prior to arrival with a person diagnosed with COVID-19
    2. That you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms
    3. That you have tested positive recently to COVID-19

Our Team and their Safety

  • We have appointed designated staff member to be the COVID champion who is responsible for hourly checks for front-of-house separation, the correct use of PPE and other agreed controls
  • We have a daily check-in system: staff are required to disclose their own health and family health on arrival at work
  • All staff temperatures to be taken on arrival
  • The Hotel and each operating department have undergone a fully compliant risk assessment from which our training and operating procedures have been compiled
  • All staff have received training on our “New Normal” operating standards and procedures
  • PPE is issued to all staff, including gloves, face visors, face masks, goggles, sanitiser and disinfectant where necessary
  • Uniforms are required to be laundered at the end of the working day
  • Employees are instructed to regularly wash and disinfect their hands and will be disinfecting prior to transporting food from the kitchen to the guest at the table

We sincerely hope that all the above measures outlined, will provide you with the confidence to visit us and use our facilities. Should you have any concerns please contact us with your queries and we will explain our reasoning behind all of our new procedures.

We look forward to meeting and welcoming you soon.