A Winter Wonderland

The Forest of Dean has many of beautiful opportunities to enjoy the change of colours and scenery in the winter season. Enjoy these wonderful changes by taking a walk or enjoying a bike ride on one the many paths, but of course any such exercise should be followed by a hearty hot meal!

Hearty eating

There are plenty of restaurants serving warm winter foods in the Forest of Dean. If you have have just completed a lengthy cycle route or a leisurely walk, restaurants such as Verderers at The Speech House offer delicious warming dishes including a homemade soup for starters followed by, one a Sunday, an irresistible roast strip loin of beef, served with Yorkshire Pudding a pan of gravy to be finished off, with apple and sultana crumble and creamy custard. These spectacular hot meals accompanied with the warm atmosphere found at Verderers creates a perfect winter setting.


There is plenty of magnificent flora and fauna found in the Forest of Dean in winter. Some of the wildlife to look out for include deer and wild boar, best seen in morning or dusk a they are pondering around the forest floors. If the forest’s deer are hiding from you, smaller animals such as grey squirrels, voles, hedgehogs, foxes and dormice can be found lurking and sheltering in the trees and pastures.


So long as you wrap up, Winter is a great time of year to get out on those many trail paths that the Forest of Dean provides, including the Family Cycle Trail, Verderer Trail, the Free Miner Trail and the Downhill Trial. They all vary in difficulty from mountain biking to a classical winter road ride. Cycling is a great way to travel through the forest to experience the wonderful surroundings, and to see the lovely wildlife that comes out during winter.



Walking is another great way to explore the forest, and during the winter season you may even get the chance to tramp through some cold, crunchy, powdery snow! Some excellent walks with amazing scenery that can’t be missed in the forest are the Goodrich Castle Loop where you get to see two of the forests best features. The Symons Yat and High meadows Woods where on the way there is a beautiful view of Symons Yat and the remains of an ancient hill fort and settlement and the Nordic walk which various views of the forest can be seen are just a couple of favourites.

You will be offered a very warm welcome if you pop into The Speech House Hotel and enjoy a meal or afternoon tea with us.

Dear Speech House Friends.

It is with great sadness that we have decided to close the hotel until further notice.

We cannot estimate when we are likely to reopen but will do so as soon as the Government indicates that it will be safe to do so.

If you have a reservation for accommodation or a function before May 31st we hope that we will be move your booking to a later date in the year.  We say May 31st but obviously that may be too optimistic.

You will be able to contact us by e mail ( info@thespeechhouse.co.uk ) if you do not receive an answer on the phone 01594 822607. We are planning to man the office during limited hours of the day.

We would like to thank all of you for your custom and support over the years and hope that it will not be too long before we can welcome you to The Speech House Hotel.

Best wishes and good luck in the months ahead.

Peter and Gill Hands
Hotel Proprietor